You are welcome to have a look at our bracelets, that will please every taste! Before making a decision, it is worth getting acquainted with the history of this beautiful part of jewelry.

Bracelet – a word originating from French “brucele”. It is a semicircular ornament worn on the wrist, that is a part of the personal jewelry. Quite often bracelets are made of metal, leather, textiles, as well as glass or wood. To make a bracelet even more beautiful, added are little stones or shells. It is worth noticing, that bracelets despite their decorative function, can also be used in therapeutic treatment (antiallergic bracelets) or for identification’s purposes.

Cultural significance

In various cultures, wearing bracelets may have a different meaning. In Bulgaria there is a tradition called Martisor. Residents hand each other red and white yarn, and that being attached to outfits, is worn by them. The purpose of these bracelets is to repel evil powers.

In the culture of scents, Andean Indians from Salty in Argentina, bracelets are used as amulets to protect from the evil eye, Spanish “el mal de ojo”.

In regions of India, women who are married wear bracelets called the Hindi Kankan (Banka). Most often they are made of gold, silver or platinum. Also, the Kankan is worn by men sometimes.

In the ancient St. Mary’s Sanctuary in Sydnaya, the monks give out white threads as a sign of Madonna’s protection over the believers.

Types of bracelets

Gel bracelets

These are colorful stripes made of plastic. The fashion has been initially started by sick Leńce Armstrong. The symbol of the campaign were yellow bracelets with the inscription “Live Strong”.

Tenis brucele

These are women’s bracelets, in which small diamonds are connected with each other creating a symmetrical row. The name was created from the event that took place in 1987. A tennis player Chris Ebert wore an elegant, diamond-studded bracelet. At one point, it was torn apart what caused the tennis match to be interrupted in order to collect the scattered diamonds. From that event, they began to be called tennis bracelets. They are worn by Serena Williams and Gabriela Sabatini.

Charme barciele or italian charm bracelet

This is a type of women’s jewelry worn on the wrist. For this type of bracelet, quite often attached are small and shiny trinkets in the shape of objects – they are kind of talismans. An example for such an attachable trinket, could be planes. This way, the bracelet symbolizes a life full of travels and adventures. For instance, women’s purse may result in a wealthy life.