Pendants matching Your style.
People pay attention to their appearance more often. For this reason, they decide to add jewelry to their image – earrings, rings, signets, armlets, pendants, bracelets. Nowadays, this phenomenon can be spotted anywhere on polish streets. However, how to wear these supplements with taste to avoid looking kitschy?

The number one rule is being restrained! How many times have You seen a person on the street being overloaded with jewelry? Three rings on each hand, bracelet and armlet, earrings and pendants on one’s neck? It is definitely too much. You need to be careful when it comes to adding more jewelry to Your outfit, too many trinkets is not the way. Also, keep in mind that both, glasses as well as the watch are an addition. The rule is simple – You should not wear more than two accessories at once. Remember, they should not be close to each other. If You wear earrings, leave out the pendant around Your neck. The same applies to hands. If You have a ring on Your finger and a bracelet, resign from the additional pendant on Your wrist. The only exception is wearing wedding rings and signets. Both of these trinkets combine well, so wear them on the same hand.

The next step is to choose the right material for the jewelry worn by You. If You are not interested in style taken from American music clips, avoid the eye-catching chain made of gold.

Remember also, the jewelry chosen by You should match Your style. Do not combine large and shiny accessories with an elegant shirt and trousers. This rule applies to every style. Loose sport pants and heavy leather bracelets? We say firmly – NO!

Last but not least principle is avoiding patterns that may bring bad associations or may assign to a certain social group You would not want to be identify with. A gold chain necklace around one’s neck, taken out from the 90’s, or maybe wire-shaped pendants? We do not think we need to explain why it should be avoided?

Choose simple yet elegant jewelry made of steel and silver, it will add chic and subtlety to Your outfit. Check our products and feel beautiful wearing our pendants!